Why study design?

Designers shape our world by creating products, environments, services and experiences that tackle a wide range of global challenges.

Tasmania’s extraordinary environment and incredible creative scene, filled with art, festivals and innovation will give you the inspiration and opportunity to start your design career. Studying at our Inveresk or Hunter Street campuses your study experience will be heavily focused on practical studio work.

Turning a passion for design into a physical reality

Thom Port’s Tassie-made furniture creations have featured in business from Hobart's cafe scene to one of Tasmania’s leading boutique hotels.

Careers in design

You will combine transferable knowledge and skills in design thinking, processes, methods, and tools, with your choice of specific skills in up to two minors across Business and Entrepreneurship, Creative Technology, Object Design, Spatial Design, and Visual Communication.

As an Interior designer you will consider flow, environments, comfort requirements and functionality as you design hospital rooms to help people heal, classrooms that help children learn, and smart homes that are both appealing and sustainable.

Be a Product designer who blends form and function, producing useful and desirable products across a range of industries including electronics, health, wearables, and furniture..

Event desingers consider the theme, intention, location, audience and resources, and create immersive, atmospheric and enjoyable experiences.

Career options

  • Interior designer
  • Product designer
  • Event designer

What's next?