Unit Code
Unit Title
HTA205 Gender in European History
HTA206 Australia 1788 to 1901
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA207 Australia 1901 to 1975
HTA208 Medieval Britain: Myth, Power and Identity
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA209 Europe in an Age of Crisis 1560-1640
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA210 Cold War Europe, 1945-1991
HTA211 Europe at War 1914-1945
HTA214 Late Medieval Europe
HTA216 The Experience of War: Europe from Napoleon
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA218 Crime and the Law in Historical Perspective
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA223 Islam, Law and Women - Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA229 Van Diemen's Land 1642-1850
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA231 Tasmanian History from 1856
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA234 Europe in the High Middle Ages
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA237 Holy Lands, Strange Lands: The Medieval World 1000-c.1300
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA240 Australian History 1788-1990s
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA242 Colonial USA, 1607-1789
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA243 USA: The Nation from 1789
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA244 Modern Britain 1832-1990
HTA245 Revolutions of the Mind
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA247 Modern Russia: Enlightenment to Dictatorship
HTA249 Atlantic Worlds, 1450-1807
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA252 African-American History
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA255 War and Peace in the Pacific
HTA256 Barbarian Kingdoms: Medieval Europe AD 300-700
HTA257 Vikings and Vassals: Medieval Europe AD 700-1000
HTA258 Renaissance & Reformation Europe
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA259 Europe 1815-1914
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA260 Researching Family History
HTA263 Convict Archaeology
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA266 Gunpowder, Bombs and Planes: A History of Terrorism and Political Violence
(Not Offered 2011)
HTA267 Enlightenment, Revolution and Empire: Britain 1745-1815
HTA271 Australian Environmental History
HTA275 History of the Indigenous Peoples of North America
HTA276 Living History: Preserving the Past
(Not Offered 2011)
HTC200 The World of Alexander the Great
(Not Offered 2011)
HTC201 Roman Republic 218-31 BC
HTC202 The Roman Empire: Victory, Virtue and Vice
HTC210 War and the Hero: Classical Epic
HTC211 Comedy and Tragedy in the Classical World
(Not Offered 2011)
HTC223 Greek and Roman Mythology
HTC229 Love in the Ancient Novel
(Not Offered 2011)
HTC230 Special Topic in Ancient Civilisations
HTC232 Pompeii and the Ancient City
(Not Offered 2011)
HTC233 Classical Art and Architecture
HTC234 Sex, Wine and Athletics in Classical Antiquity
(Not Offered 2011)
HTC235 Celtic and Roman Britain
(Not Offered 2011)
HTC236 The World of the Classical Greeks
(Not Offered 2011)
HTC237 Nero and Neronian Literature
HTC238 Archaeology and its Significance
HTG216 Intermediate Ancient Greek A
HTG218 Intermediate Ancient Greek B
HTG274 Greek 2: From Learning to Reading
HTL217 Intermediate Latin A
HTL219 Intermediate Latin B
HTL261 Latin 2: From Learning to Reading

2009 HTG218 Intermediate Ancient Greek B

Unit Level: Intermediate

Available as a Student Elective: Yes

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SPECIAL NOTE: Offered subject to staff availability.


Unit Sem 1 Sem 2 Full Yr Spring Summer Winter
HTG218 H

Key Semester Dates
Semester Campus Attendance Note Start Date Census Date Final WW Date* End Date
Sem 2 H On Campus 13-JUL-2009 10-AUG-2009 31-AUG-2009 16-OCT-2009

* The Final WW Date is the final date from which you can withdraw from the unit without academic penalty, however you will still incur a financial liability (see Withdrawal dates explained for more information).

Offered in Courses: [R3A]
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Consists of a study of selected Ancient Greek texts.

WEIGHT: 12.5%

ASSESSMENT: 2,000-word essay (40%), 3-hr exam in Nov (60%)

TEACHING PATTERN: 2.5 hrs weekly

Note: Class attendance may still be required

   Flexible scheduling - H
Some classes will be held outside normal teaching hours; e.g. weekend blocks, summer schools etc
About Flexible Study Options

This unit includes specific international contexts/case studies.
This unit includes international cross-cultural issues/skills.

Prereq Ancient Greek 1
Coreq HTG216, HTG220
M.Excl HTC218

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STAFF: tba

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