Unit Code
Unit Title
HTA305 Gender in European Thought
(Not Offered 2007)
HTA306 Australia from the 1850s to 1918
(Not Offered 2007)
HTA307 Australia from 1918 to 1975
HTA308 Medieval Britain: Myth, Power and Identity
(Not Offered 2007)
HTA309 Europe in an Age of Crisis 1560-1640
HTA310 Cold War Europe, 1945-1989
HTA311 Europe at War 1914-1945
HTA314 Late Medieval Europe
HTA316 The Experience of War. History, Myth and Memory
(Not Offered 2007)
HTA317 Historians and their Evidence
HTA318 Crime and the Law in Historical Perspective
(Not Offered 2007)
HTA322 Great Cities of Asia
(Not Offered 2007)
HTA323 Islam, Law and Women - Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
(Not Offered 2007)
HTA324 Independence and Revolution in Modern Asia
HTA329 Van Diemen's Land 1642-1850
HTA331 Tasmanian History from 1856
HTA334 Europe in the High Middle Ages
(Not Offered 2007)
HTA335 Faith in Asia:Origin & Change
HTA337 Holy Lands, Strange Lands: The Medieval World 1000-c.1300
(Not Offered 2007)
HTA338 History and Film: Twentieth-Century Perspectives
HTA339 The Rise of Nations: Europe 1830-70
(Not Offered 2007)
HTA340 Australian History 1788-1990s
HTA342 Colonial USA, 1607-1789
(Not Offered 2007)
HTA343 USA: The Nation from 1789
HTA344 Modern Britain 1832-1990
HTA345 Revolutions of the Mind
(Not Offered 2007)
HTA346 The Road to War: Europe 1870-1914
(Not Offered 2007)
HTA347 Modern Russia: Enlightenment to Dictatorship
HTA349 Atlantic Worlds, 1450-1807
(Not Offered 2007)
HTA352 African-American History
(Not Offered 2007)
HTA353 Race and Politics in Southern African History
HTA355 War and Peace in the Pacific
HTA356 Barbarian Kingdoms: Medieval Europe AD 300-700
HTA357 Vikings and Vassals: Medieval Europe AD 700-1000
HTA358 Renaissance & Reformation Europe
(Not Offered 2007)
HTA371 Australian Environmental History
(Not Offered 2007)
HTA375 History of the Indigenous Peoples of North America
HTA390 History and Heritage
HTA399 Special Topic in History
HTC300 The Pursuit of Empire: Philip, Alexander and Rome
(Not Offered 2007)
HTC301 Roman Republic 133-31 BC
(Not Offered 2007)
HTC302 Caesars and Soldiers: The Early Roman Empire (A.D. 14-138)
HTC303 Roman Imperial Society
(Not Offered 2007)
HTC305 Augustan Culture: Text & Image
(Not Offered 2007)
HTC306 The Later Roman Empire
(Not Offered 2007)
HTC307 Monuments of Rome: Image and Ideology
(Not Offered 2007)
HTC310 War and the Hero: Classical Epic
HTC311 Greek Tragedy
(Not Offered 2007)
HTC313 Classical Tragedy: Euripides & Beyond
(Not Offered 2007)
HTC321 Women in Greek and Roman Antiquity
HTC323 Greek and Roman Mythology
HTC327 Conquest and Colonization
HTC328 Celluloid Empire: Rome on Film
(Not Offered 2007)
HTC329 Love in the Ancient Novel
(Not Offered 2007)
HTG316 Advanced Ancient Greek A
HTG318 Advanced Ancient Greek B
HTG320 Advanced Ancient Greek Grammar
HTL301 Special Topic in Latin
HTL317 Advanced Latin A
HTL319 Advanced Latin B

2007 HTA318 Crime and the Law in Historical Perspective

Unit Level: Advanced

Available as a Student Elective: Yes

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See also   HTA218

Not Offered


Examines the relations between crime and the law in England and Australia from the middle ages to the present. The unit discusses the origins of the criminal law system, the changing roles of state and community in the regulation of conduct, and the changing nature and definition of crime and criminal activity. It considers the history of the courts, the police and the prison system, and the ways they define and deal with a range of crimes and social problems over a broad period of time. The assumption of the unit is that a knowledge of history fosters both an understanding of, and a critical engagement with, the criminal justice system as it operates today. Emphasis will be given to topics that bear on contemporary issues, and, where appropriate and possible, to Tasmanian case studies. Interested students will have the opportunity to conduct primary research on aspects of the Tasmanian criminal justice system.

WEIGHT: 12.5%

ASSESSMENT: Class participation (10%), 500-word exercise (10%), 2500-word essay (40%), 2-hr exam (40%)

TEACHING PATTERN: 2 hrs lectures weekly, 1-hr tutorial fortnightly

Note: Class attendance may still be required

   Web supported - H
Online access to some part of this unit online is optional
   Resource supported teaching & learning - H
Additional resources are provided for your optional use; e.g. audio taped lectures
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Prereq 25% at level 100 History or LAW101
M.Excl LAW618, HSP210/310

STAFF: Prof MJ Bennett, Dr S Petrow

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