Unit Code
Unit Title
HAF215 Contemporary Feminist Thought
(Not Offered 2012)
HAF218 Special Topic in Gender Studies
HAF219 Feminist Philosophy
HAF227 Contemporary Representations of Gender
HAF228 Religion and Gender
HAF229 Gender, Ethics and Society
(Not Offered 2012)
HAF233 Gender & Youth
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA200 Contemporary Bioethics
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA207 Philosophy of Mind
HPA208 Metaphysical Puzzles
HPA209 The Meaning of Life
HPA210 Theories of Ethics
HPA212 Ethical Professionals
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA213 Philosophy of Science
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA216 Knowledge and Belief
HPA218 Philosophy of Biology
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA219 Buddhist Philosophy
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA234 Zen and Tao: East Asian Philosophy
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA236 Philosophy of Art, Aesthetics and Creativity
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA237 Philosophy and Film
HPA238 Exceptional Leadership
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA239 Indian Philosophy
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA242 Law, Society and Morality
HPA244 Aboriginal Philosophy
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA247 Creative Citizenship
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA248 Morality and the Mind
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA249 Climate Change: Who to believe? What to do?
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA250 Existentialism and Beyond
HPA251 Postmodern Thought
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA256 Philosophy and Cosmology
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA266 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
HPA268 Modern Philosophy
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA271 Philosophy and the Body
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA274 Science and Religion
HPA276 Indo-Tibetan History, Philosophy and Culture
HPA277 Environmental Philosophy
HPA288 Philosophy of Language
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA289 Political Philosophy
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA291 Introduction to Logic
HPA292 Logic and Philosophy
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA294 The Logic of Decision
(Not Offered 2012)
HPA297 Buddhism, Ethics and Nonviolence

2007 HPA212 Professional Ethics

Unit Level: Intermediate

Available as a Student Elective: Yes

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See also   HPA312

Not Offered

Ethical conduct within professions -- whether it be police work, the law, commerce, nursing or some other area of professional activity -- has increasingly been a focus for community concern. Ethical questions have also come to preoccupy many individuals working in a professional capacity. The unit explores some of the issues at stake here including: the relation between private beliefs and commitments and professional duties and obligations; the limits of professional obligation; the relation between professional persons and others (whether they be clients, criminals or simply members of the public); the nature and role of professional codes or ethics. Emphasis is placed on the discussion of issues in relation to specific professional contexts and cases.

WEIGHT: 12.5%

ASSESSMENT: 2,000-word assignment (40%), 3-hr exam (60%)

TEACHING PATTERN: 2 hrs lectures weekly, 1-hr tutorial fortnightly (13 weeks)

Prereq 25% level 100 Philosophy or, where appropriate, 1st year of course in any discipline
M.Excl HSP207/307

STAFF: Dr L Toiviainen

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