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Unit Code
Unit Title
HEA310 Cinema, Costumes and Sexuality
(Not Offered 2012)
HEA319 Representing Contemporary Australia
HEA323 Shakespeare: Page and Stage
(Not Offered 2012)
HEA324 Screen Shakespeare
HEA326 Modern Drama
(Not Offered 2012)
HEA330 Literary Theory
HEA333 Ideas of Authorship
(Not Offered 2012)
HEA340 Writing Tasmania
(Not Offered 2012)
HEA341 Confessionalism
(Not Offered 2012)
HEA343 Nineteenth-Century British Literature
(Not Offered 2012)
HEA366 Colonial/Postcolonial Fictions
(Not Offered 2012)
HEA370 Fictions of History
(Not Offered 2012)
HEA371 Popular Fiction From Page to Screen
(Not Offered 2012)
HEA372 Utopian and Dystopian Visions
HEA376 Research Project
HEA381 Literature and Place
(Not Offered 2012)
HEF315 French Language 3A
(Not Offered 2012)
HEF316 French Language 3B
(Not Offered 2012)
HEF317 French Translation A
(Not Offered 2012)
HEF318 French Translation B
(Not Offered 2012)
HEF328 Topic in French Literature A
(Not Offered 2012)
HEF329 Topic in French Literature B
(Not Offered 2012)
HEF332 Research Project (French) B
(Not Offered 2012)
HEG304 The Golden Age of German Cinema
HEG305 The German Age of Chivalry
(Not Offered 2012)
HEG310 Classical German Literature
(Not Offered 2012)
HEG311 The Twentieth-Century German Novel
HEG312 Post-1945 German Film
(Not Offered 2012)
HEG313 German 3A
HEG314 German 3B
HEG315 Advanced German A
HEG316 Advanced German B
HEG317 Germany from Partition to Unity
(Not Offered 2012)
HEG318 German for Tourism and Business
(Not Offered 2012)
HEG320 German Drama
(Not Offered 2012)
HEG331 Research Project (German)
(Not Offered 2012)
HEJ302 Media and the Environment
(Not Offered 2012)
HEJ318 Professional Placement
HEJ323 Imaging News
HEJ325 Documentary Journalism
(Not Offered 2012)
HEJ330 Research Project in Journalism, Media and Communications
HEJ334 Media and Conflict
HEJ335 Media and Music
HEJ336 Media Ethics
(Not Offered 2012)
HEJ337 Advanced Broadcast Journalism
(Not Offered 2012)
HEJ338 Media Flows and Spaces
(Not Offered 2012)
HEJ339 Journalism: The People's Witness
(Not Offered 2012)
HEJ340 Feature Writing

2010 HEJ327 Media Cultures

Unit Level: Advanced

Available as a Student Elective: Yes

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Not Offered


This unit analyses the role of the media as a cultural resource. It explores the historical and cultural contexts of a broad range of popular media examples including animation, television drama and comic books and analyses the relationships media develop with their audiences. Students will gain both an understanding of how media industries operate as cultural industries and the societal impact of these cultural formations.

WEIGHT: 12.5%

ASSESSMENT: 3500 words internal assignments (60%), two-hour exam (40%)

TEACHING PATTERN: Five contact hours fortnightly

Note: Class attendance may still be required

   Web supported - H
Online access to some part of this unit online is optional
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Prereq HEJ101 and HEJ102
M.Excl HEJ227


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