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2013 Aquaculture - KQA

Aquaculture is the science of intensively farming aquatic animals and plants. A broad scientific expertise in physiology, biochemistry, ecology and chemistry is needed to underpin aquaculture. Graduates of the degree progam are not only able to intensively farm aquatic species but are also capable of conducting fundamental research within freshwater and marine biology.

Theme area

All units, majors and courses taught by the School of Aquaculture are in the Sustainable Primary production and Antarctic and Marine theme areas.

The School of Aquaculture offers the following courses:

  • S2B Diploma in Aquaculture
  • S3K Bachelor of Aquaculture
  • S3W Bachelor of Aquaculture--Bachelor of Commerce
  • S4M Bachelor of Aquaculture with Honours
  • S6K Graduate Diploma in Aquaculture
  • S7C Master of Applied Science in Aquaculture

The School of Aquaculture also teaches units offered in the following courses:

  • S3G Bachelor of Science
  • S3T Bachelor of Natural Environment and Wildernes Studies
  • S3Z Bachelor of Environmental Science
  • S4E Bachelor of Science (Honours)

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