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Course Structure

These course rules and specifications apply to students commencing the course in 2011. For students who commenced prior to 2011, the applicable course rules are those from the year of commencement. i.e. students who commenced in 2006 should refer to the 2006 Handbook.

  • Students normally complete a total of 300% (HECS weighting) of units made up of 100% first-year (level 100), 100% second-year (level 200) and 100% third-year (level 300). Students are permitted to take an additional 25% first-year (level 100) Group 1 units to count as second/third-year (levels 200/300) units towards the degree.
  • Students must also take sufficient units to complete two majors within the 300% total. A major is defined as sequential studies in one discipline made up of 25% at level 100 and 75% at levels 200/300 (a minimum of 100%). At least 25% must be at level 300.
  • Students may take one major (100%) from a discipline outside the BA schedule such as Fine Arts, Music, Management or Computing, with permission of the relevant head of school. This is made up of 25% at level 100 plus a maximum of 75% at levels 200/300. At least 25% must be at level 300. Units taken from outside the BA schedule are referred to as Group A units.
  • At level 100, students normally study four different subject areas - 4 x 25%. At level 200 and 300, students take sufficient units to complete majors in two of the disciplines which they have studied at level 100. The remaining units to make up the 300% total can come from any of the other first-year subjects they have studied or more units towards the majors.
  • Language students who enter the BA at level 200 in the language take only 75% of units at level 100 and take extra units at levels 200/300 in the language to make up the total required for the major and for the 300% required for the degree.
  • Full-time students normally take a 100% load each year to complete in the minimum time. Students who are working in addition to their study may take as little as 25% load in any one year, but should be mindful of the maximum time allowed for them to complete.
  • Students take a minimum of three years and a maximum of nine years to complete the degree.


  • No unit can count twice as part of two different majors
  • The maximum percentage in any one discipline which can be counted towards the degree is 150%
  • At least 25% of units in a major must be at level 300
  • At the end of year 1, students must declare their intended majors and confirm them at the end of year 2
  • The maximum percentage at level 100 for any single discipline is 25%
  • Students must complete 25% at level 100 before progressing to level 200 units in that discipline
  • Permission for an overload (more than 50% in any semester) must be obtained from a sub-dean
  • Units cannot count towards the degree if the content is the same as another unit studied previously.

The Schedule of units which follows lists by discipline all units taught in the BA. Students should also consult the discipline entries in the Handbook to determine individual unit prerequisites plus the requirements for a major in the chosen discipline. Students intending to study a major in a discipline offered in another degree course (Groups 1A, 2A and 3A) eg Music, Management, Fine Arts, should consult the discipline entry in the Handbook to check the unit and major requirements in the particular discipline.

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