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1 In these specifications 'Faculty' means the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology.
2 The course for the degree of Bachelor of Computing with Honours shall be in a field of study listed in the schedule.
3 A Candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Computing with Honours requires the approval of the Faculty. Except with the permission of the Faculty candidates shall have qualified for the admission to the degree of Bachelor of Computing or Bachelor of Applied Computing at this University or an equivalent qualification at another institution approved by Faculty for this purpose.
4 A candidate for the degree must submit a thesis on work undertaken as part of the Honours course and must fulfil examinations and other assessments requirements as prescribed in the schedule of these specifications.
5 A candidate shall complete the requirements for the degree within a period specified by the head of school for each candidate, provided that the maximum period shall not exceed 12 months from the date of commencement. The Faculty may extend the maximum period to 24 months in the case of a part-time candidate.
Provided that the dean may grant an extension of time to a candidate who has been prevented by illness or other serious cause from completing the requirements of the course within the period prescribed in this rule.
6 Except by special permission of the Faculty, there shall be no re-examination for Honours.
7 The classes of Honours shall be First Class, Second Class, and Third Class. There shall be an upper and lower division in the second class.
8 These specifications shall take effect from 1 January 1998 and apply to all candidates for the degree.
9 The approved abbreviation for the degree of Bachelor of Computing with Honours shall be BComp(Hons).


Fields of Study

Course structure

To qualify for the Honours, a candidate shall complete Research and Thesis (60%) and Coursework (40%) provided that:

1 the coursework is normally chosen from 10% weight honours units offered by the School of Computing
2 permission may be given by the head of School of Computing for candidates to undertake third-year units or honours units offered by other schools.

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